Hebrew Chanter 

Kids and KIrtan.. who would have thought!   Call and response is the perfect format for them. Together we share loads of fun and meaningful moments.

Ever since I can remember I played some kind of  keyboard. My journey to Kirtan started in yoga and Kundalini class.  I didn't know what I was hearing....this music was so transportive and engaging--I was hooked. As a Jewish musician and yogi, overlaying  this Sanskrit practice with sacred Hebrew was a natural progression. 

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​Kirtan in the Yurt  7:15


Gathering of the Tribe 

a participatory spiritual Shabbat Gathering in the Yurt 


my Musical jOURNEY 

Working with Jose Calarco and his partner Ana Forrest of Forrest Yoga,  we rocked the place with moments of deep meaning and rejoicing.

What a composer needs most is

composure.  When I am in the

moment and connected, melodies

enter me like visiting angels. I don't compose, I transfer.

kabbalah KIRTAN




Contact me at richardfgans@gmail.com  or 203-687-7225

YOGA Ceremony

Kabballah and Kirtan make a wonderful marriage.  I love engaging these two powerful spiritual technologies.


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​Richard Gans